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More About Thatcher Education

Think of us as your mentor, helping you to discover your best, most informed and empowered self throughout high school and the college search process.  We’ll show you how to explore and dream so you are ready to take advantage of the opportunities that await you in college, more informed and aware of your interests, skills, and challenges.  We’ll be your encouraging, but professional, “reminder” for the many deadlines for testing, applications and essays.  And, through this exciting journey, we’ll support you and your family - embracing the opportunities for growth that high school and the college search allow - while helping keeping it as affordable and effective as possible.    

There are many paths to your future and, many ways to describe what success and happiness can look like in your life.  Thinking about, exploring and planning your path through high school and college can be overwhelming.  By helping you explore your passions, and better understand your working and learning styles, Thatcher Education can help you discover and define your own path to college and beyond. We will support you in the details of college exploration, visits, applications and decision-making with strategic advice, an online college exploration, application and essay management system, and in person help! We’ll take this on together!

Thatcher Education supports you in your current academic planning.  We help align it with your career and interest exploration, and helping you to find solutions at your current school, and throughout college.  We know that the more informed you are earlier on about your passions, your working style and your skills, the more successful you’ll be at transitioning into college. We’ll develop college lists together, plan visits, practice interviews, manage application process and deadlines, and support you all the way through choosing and enrolling in college!  We’ve set up opportunities for both one on one and small group work.  Check out our calendar and consider signing up for a small group session that meets your needs, and to try us out!  

Thatcher Education will mentor you as you learn more about yourself.   

To find a great college, and great match for YOU, we’ve got to work to understand just who you are, what you’re interested in, and what really gets you excited to think about and learn.  We’ve got the tools to help begin those discussions, and to get you out in the world exploring these passions.   


We’d love to work with you!  We work with you from the beginning of high school, and into your college career, throughout Massachusetts, the country, and online via Skype or FaceTime.  We can develop packages to meet your needs, and to make it affordable for your family. Please contact us with questions about how we can help you, and when the best might be to start.

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