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College Counseling, Post Secondary Planning, Gap Year Planning, Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Check them out below or suggest one that might help you!

College Counseling
Search, Application and Decisions

We work with students for high school planning and college advising beginning in Grade 9 and as late as fall semester, senior year.  We can put together a package appropriate to your needs and goals.  Please call to see how we can help!

All college counseling packages include the following:


  • 3 interest and working style assessments and one-on-one review of the results, which will form the basis of our work together!

  • Access to a college search and application management program, Custom College Plan, to help keep you on task, manage deadlines, search for colleges based on your profile, test scores, grades and interests, and even schedule meetings with us!

  • Individual Meetings, with students and/or parents, as defined by your needs and the package we put together.

Additional Services
Tutoring, Coaching and Small Group Sessions
Tutoring & Coaching

Academic Skills Development

  • Tutoring includes a first, 30 minute consultation, so you check out how we can work together, with no obligation.

  • Referrals to subject area specialists available as needed.

Interest and Career Exploration

We can unpack what your passions and interests can lead to!

  • Wondering what you might major in? 

  • What does it really mean to be a lawyer?

  • What if I love my art?  

Small Group Sessions: 

Thatcher Education offers a variety of small group seminars to help you manage the college search process, and to make access to our services more affordable. Sometimes, it’s just fun and more productive to work as a group!  


Let us know what you need!   Gather friends for a Common Application Completion Bootcamp!

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