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"What you, Leslie, have personally done to help our daughter realize that she has value and potential, is priceless!  We can't put a price on what Leslie has done to help her with the whole college process (applications, potential colleges, essays, and so much more!).  We now have choices we never dreamed of at the beginning of this process."  

Linn C.

Shrewsbury, MA

"Amidst the challenges and stressors of high school, I was overwhelmed by the college application process and struggled to put my best foot forward. Leslie played a critical role in helping me find the strength and confidence to take on the college search and applications. Leslie takes a genuine interest in her students, getting to know the individual holistically, both inside and outside of academics. She therefore has the unique ability and insight to guide students to find the right fit and complete applications skillfully. That personalized guidance, along with her honesty and diligence, helped me write a college application I was not only proud of, but that also led to acceptances at many of my top choice colleges. From patiently discussing what universities might be the best fit, to narrowing down the ideal college essay topic and her attention to detail on its final touches, Leslie’s expertise and support were integral to my success. She strikes a unique balance, acting as an honest advisor, mentor, teacher, and friend. I was lucky to have her in my corner to help me find my voice and recognize my potential so I could excel in demonstrating that to colleges and universities."



Jessica S.

College: Lehigh University ‘15 Current: M&A Strategy Consultant, IBM

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