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create  your  future  with  us





create  your  future  with  us


Your future is just around the corner…Thatcher Education can help you get there, with expert support in college counseling, high school planning, tutoring, career and interest Exploration.  We can help you chart out your next steps with confidence.  Our first 30 minute consultation is free, so you can see if Thatcher Education is right for you. We can explore your grades, progress reports, writing, and goal setting for college planning and your current school work.  


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Parents might be wondering...

Is my child ready?

How can I help my child manage this college search process? 

I'm so busy-this college search is so important. What if I or my child miss a deadline?

She's not very interested in starting this search.  Is that OK?

When should we start thinking about college? 

How can we find a great college that we can afford? 

Everything seems to be changing about colleges.  What don't I know?

Students might be feeling....

How do I find the right college if I don't know what I want to major in?

What if I don't feel ready for college?  And all my friends seem ready...

What classes should I take next year?

I'm terrified about interviews.  Help!

What's a Gap Year?  Is it a good thing?

SAT vs. ACT-Which one?

I keep putting off writing my college essay.  Help!

Thatcher Education Can Help!


Leslie Thatcher, Thatcher Education

I love working with students to sort out what their passions are, and how to pursue them.  It’s about discovering yourself, and planning how to get there. We’ll be charting out meaningful experiences such as work, travel, conversations and reflection-looking at whatever is meaningful and real in your life, and making sense of it as you look toward your future.  My whole career revolves around this work! Throughout my work in secondary and higher education, I’ve known and interacted with close to 3000 families as they’ve explored the sometimes overwhelming, but exciting range of educational desires, and paths, before them.  Through it all, I’ve made sure to explore my own interests, and I encourage you to do the same!  I know it can be overwhelming, but I’m here to clear away the clutter.



It’s important to know my journey educationally.  Here you go!  I’d be happy to explore my path and choices with you.

  • Ed.M, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA

  • B.A.,  Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR  History, Secondary Education Certificate


Professional Memberships

  • Associate Member, Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)

Leslie Thatcher Wales: 

  • Leslie Thatcher Whales

Why Thatcher Education?

Beyond helping you manage the college search process and all its details, we will work with you to discover your passions, throughout high school and in selecting the right colleges to apply to, and, eventually, to enroll.  We will even show you how to transition successfully into college with online tutorials and small group discussions-tailored just for you.  It’s about match, your readiness, and how to get there.  Let’s get started!


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